– things i could keep to myself.

hello. i am l.
i live in berlin,
i study literature
& this is a self-experiment.

currently reading:
  • robert musil – der mann ohne eigenschaften. erstes buch
  • stendhal – die kartause von parma
  • marcel proust – auf der suche nach der verlorerenen zeit. die gefangene

  • April 23rd

    cherry blossom in heidelberg, april 2014.

    April 23rd communicants:

L’Eden et après (Alain Robbe-Grillet, 1970)
    April 23rd

    university started again last week and for the first time in nearly four years of studying i chose my courses based solely on my genuine interests.
    since i’ve been working as a student assistant i don’t need to worry as much anymore about the maximum study duration after which i’ll become ineligible for federal student loans. it’s a huge relief. i don’t want to rush through my master’s degree and it feels good to finally allow myself to slow down and enjoy university again.

    this semester, i attend courses on musil’s der mann ohne eigenschaften, on chekhov’s short stories and on feminist theory. so far i am very enthusiastic.

    March 30th theories-of:

Dirk van Gelder, Wild Plants, 1925, pen and ink and watercolour, 22.8 x 29.2 cm
    March 30th

    galata bridge, istanbul, march 2014.

    March 24th kiameku:

Richard Hughes Smouldering Edge (detail) 2005
    March 24th

    we are going to istanbul tomorrow and although i’m looking forward to it, i’d rather not leave my small avocado tree at home. the flatmate isn’t the best caretaker when it comes to watering my plants while i’m away.

    March 20th 
Do you want to see the most beautiful thing I’ve ever filmed?
    March 20th


    … and we put up a new shelf in the kitchen.

    March 20th nickkahler:

JMW Turner, Seascape with Storm Coming On, 1840