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oh! these fools

what i could keep to myself

weekly tendencies, part 82:

  • holy other, the beatles, salem, grimes, blackest ever black
  • salad, croissant, white wine, vegan sushi, coffee, crisps, yogurt, blueberries, bitter lemon, mango, cinnamon rolls, currant liqueur
  • cycling
  • spending mornings and afternoons sitting in cafés with friends
  • editiorial meeting
  • getting up early
  • eating ice cream
  • work
  • reading in the park
  • swimming
  • watching the leftovers & captain america
  • discovering tegeler see
  • translation work
  • saying goodbye to a dear friend who’s leaving berlin for six weeks
  • arguments with the flatmate
  • staying up late
  • contort #9 at ohm berlin
  • my very favourite person is back in town